Easy Like Sunday Morning – How to Create a Memorable Family Brunch

There is a song called’ Easy Like Sunday Morning’ attributed to the Commodores. What a classic!

Sunday Morning is just one of those days that you want to relax with the family and chill out after working all week.

I decided to give the family a special treat and provide a lazy 10am breakfast (not quite brunch) where we could all spend time together and talk over some yummy breakfast food.

As you know I believe that the ambience and décor that food is served in adds to the experience and emotion of eating well and enjoying life.

We have a Sunday Morning playlist that we use on Spotify so the music was just right – laid back chill with coffee music and with some old favourites as well (including Easy Like Sunday Morning’)

It was warming up to a beautiful sunny winters morning (high of 25 degrees celsius on the Gold Coast), the music was right and the smell of freshly ground coffee hung tantalisingly in the air.

The family gathered together and here is a blow by blow description of how things went…..

1) Palate Cleanser – Super Green drink shot

This is a healthy way to start the day and with various concoctions has become a daily ritual for the family.

We use the freshest organic (or chemical spray free) fruits and veggies to construct these green beverages. The ingredients vary but there are three basic ingredients upon which everything else is constructed – a green leafed veggie like kale, celery, spinach and two of the most important things I believe should be consumed fresh every day due to their potent health giving and disease fighting properties – turmeric and ginger.

The taste other health giving benefits are achieved through a variety of other herbs and fruits that we have tried and tested over time.

2) Coffee

I know there are pros and cons to the whole coffee debate but honestly who can resist the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans?

To salve our conscience we have developed some interesting variations to the coffee ritual.

Things such as using organic coffee, organic milk and lately using organic, freshly made almond milk – it is actually very good as frothed milk if done properly and doesn’t take away from the coffee experience ! That is my story and I am sticking to it anyway 

My husband Dean uses an alkaline coffee with a secret herb added – he loves it but to me it is an acquired taste.

3) Yummy and Healthy Green Bread

I have been designing all these crazy coloured gluten free breads based on different types of veggies.

The French would probably turn their nose up but the family and our dinner guests rave about these different healthy breads.

This one is a leak, parsley and kale bread.

https://brigitteshouse.com/how-to-make-guilt-free-coffee-and-bread/Freshly baked out of the oven it is to die for!

4) Il Secondo ( the Main Course)

Today I thought I would prepare some real crowd pleasers that I knew would be a hit.

I am all about taste and big flavour. I always say that ‘we have to eat anyway so why not make everything you put in your mouth absolutely delicious’.

I made poached eggs (organic free range naturally) and pastrami on my just baked green bread smothered with freshly made hollandaise sauce and topped with market avocados. The sides dishes were grilled roma tomatoes seasoned with celtic sea salt and oven roasted yellow flesh potatoes with a herb and sea salt garnish.

All I can say is it must have been a hit because things went very quiet when the family started eating. No one wanted to be disturbed!

The Finale’

The ultimate brunch accompaniment has to be my very popular Portuguese Tarts.

A great way to finish the Family Sunday Brunch.

The only issue was that we had to wait for them to cool down after being freshly baked from the oven …

Eat well, live amazing.


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