‘Brigitte is a Chef! She means so much to my husband and I. Vincent and I have known Brigitte (and her family) for quite a few years, and she has always amazed us!

Having stayed a few days at her place, we can tell you that her imagination goes beyond the borders ….

We are French, so… it means that we Love excellent, healthy and delicate food…. well we felt spoiled with Brigitte! (yes we were treated so well!) In fact, we felt like special guests! And we truly were treated as such!

With Brigitte, there is not boring days and not insipid / dull dishes or menus. We will always remember Brigitte preparing with love, joy, care and colours her delicious diners. Not to forget the warm and classy atmosphere And…. the decoration – not only the table setting but the whole place!

We just LOVE her savoury cooking! Brigitte has been always inventing delicate and tasty dishes! Added to that her warm and happy personality! Brigitte IS a lifestyle of her own! And for the Gourmet palate, her home is surely The place to be! Brigitte = Gourmet, Colours, Professionalism, Generosity, Joy and Warmth.

We love you Brigitte! Thank you again and again for your warm and loving welcome, your generosity, your love and your natural professionalism and Excellent cooking! Gros bisous.

Nathalie and Vincent

Nice, France

I’ve known Brigitte for 30 years and she is nothing short of remarkable. She is one of the very few women who are able to do everything, and I am in awe of her. Her house isn’t just a house, it’s a home, there’s a big difference between the two. Her skills as an interior decorator are unique, her home is amazing! As I arrived at her home last time I was invited to one of Brigittes dinner parties, I sat on her lounge and peered into her beautiful kitchen. It was all redone and looked so beautiful!! I had to find out who she had bought in to make it look like this, so I enquired “Brigitte, who did your kitchen it’s amazing!” She answered me as she stood over her stove preparing our dinner “I did”. I couldn’t believe it!! She’s an amazing woman and everything about her is unique and beautiful.

We had the most incredible food that night, Brigitte had prepared a South African night so all the dishes were just amazing. Her attention to detail and presentation is fantastic, and I believe she can pull this off because she loves it. She has such a passion for cooking and preparing food and that comes through to those lucky enough to be invited to her home. She’s an amazing host, no one turning up to one of Brigittes dinner parties would ever go away disappointed! In fact totally the opposite occurs and everyone is completely spoilt.

She is incredibly hospitable, she opens her home and welcomes people in. The night of the South African dinner party she invited us to stay. Her spare room is just so beautiful and it was like staying at a resort! And as if the night before wasn’t amazing enough, she cooked us a beautiful breakfast the next morning!! Her garden is just lovely and the pool is such a beautiful area to entertain.

Brigitte is an amazing woman. She’s a loving wife, a brilliant mother a skilled interior decorator and an incredible cook! Most of all she’s a special friend.

She’s rare and unique and she can’t be described in words, you just have to be someone lucky enough to know her. I feel blessed to be one of her friends.

Anita Carden

Having travelled the world with my darling wife Narelle for our family business and pleasure, we can report that the, over 70 dinner party experiences have proved second to none.

Think no further than Brigitte Hines when it comes to fine fresh food of exceptional quality and presentation. You may have to travel the world many times for many years to find an equal. It’s really not Brigitte’s fault, you see, it’s in her family genes.

We feel qualified to state the above, as we too are very passionate about what we do. www.farmersdoors.com

Christian and Narelle Farmer


It’s always a moment of excitement and anticipation when we get an invitation to your place for dinner or one of your fabulous parties!

From the very first moment, we are always made to feel like very special guests. Your home is always so welcoming, it’s like visiting a quaint little French restaurant in Paris!

I love how you always have beautiful home made bread waiting for your guests , delightful little tidbits and always scrumptious meals. Bridgette you undoubtedly are the hostess with the mostest! Looking forward to our next yummy culinary adventure.

Mario and Sharryn


Brigitte always puts on a feast that would feed the state.

I have not tasted anything like Brigitte’s food it is simply to die for, incredible taste, flavours, you just have to try the food for yourself to understand – the dishes Brigitte presents, shows she has so much love for food and the ingredients she uses.

This is her passion and it has rubbed off on me. Brigitte has inspired me to cook. I enjoy her food, not a bad thing to say.

Thank you

Melissa Blacklock


It’s as if you step out of Australia, and enter a french provincial home nestled around european style gardens.

From the moment i enter her home to the moment i leave, my palate is in constant intrigue. And as you see her prepare and serve each course, you notice why the food taste soo good. She not only enjoys cooking and pleasing others, she lives for it!

Stephen Farmer


I have experienced many Exotic Indian Dinners …African Safaris …. Formal French Duck … Cocktail Parties with tasty morsels to entice …. The most delicious French Tarts and Deserts I have ever experienced …. (I always cancel any other plans to attend) Exquisite food all lovingly prepared by hand.

Every meal is a healthy creation that is not only beneficial but some of the most ridiculous delicious food I have ever had the joy to put in my mouth….

Fresh Juices designed to ignite every cell in our bodies which she lovingly calls her Green Drinks … My complexion improved … Wrinkles faded and energy was found I didn’t know I had …. Breakfast …. Lunch and dinners were always a boost of nutrition with flavors that enticed the pallet …Healthy Nutritious and Delicious …

Food is a way of life for Brigitte it is in her blood …. I am so privileged to have learnt and experienced so much “The Brilliance of Brigitte” … And will continue.

Debbie Downe


From the moment you step inside the front door you know you are going to have a wonderfull evening.

The ambience Brigitte creates with her soft lighting, candles,plants and French décor is stunning. The aroma of home cooking wafts through the house with a tantalising call to your taste buds as the host welcomes you. You are offered a pre dinner cocktail followed by a delectable platter of hors d’oeuvres and freshly baked bread .We wander through the French doors and join the other guests in the mediteranian styled garden and pool area with its potted citrus and fruit trees and tastefull garden lighting.

After pre dinner drinks and nibbles we are asked to take our seats at a large round table in the dining room that’s seats ten comfortably. Next we are served a mouth watering entrée of seafood followed by Frenched lamb and then the piece de resistance !! one of Brigittes French deserts. We then finish the evening with espresso coffee and liquers and cheese platter.What an amazing culinary experience.

Brigitte is one of the most passionate people we know when it comes to food and entertaining and creating an atmosphere to enjoy it. My wife and I cant wait until the next time we are invited to sample her wonderfull cooking

Bev and Verne


I have known Brigitte and Dean for approximately 15 years and during this time my husband and I have been very fortunate to share many a french culinary evening with them!

Brigitte and Dean have travelled the world and this is evident from the moment you walk into their beautifully decorated and personally designed, European influenced, home. The front door opens to what resembles a French indoor courtyard with soft blue tiles covering the floor, and a beautiful fountain acting as it’s centrepiece. The European kitchen, lovingly designed by Brigitte, is the gathering place in the home and is always filled with the smells of Brigitte’s amazing cooking and the sounds of another french bottle of champagne being opened!

Brigitte’s special talent are her french pastries and these are a favourite of mine and Joel’s! We always count down the days until our next invitation!



I was absolutely spoiled by @brigitteshouse in Gold Coast, Australia!

This beautiful champagne brunch started with Portuguese Tarts and frothy lattes. Followed by Eggs Benedict- built of homemade seedy nut bread, avocado mash, Australian bacon, roasted asparagus, butter-basted eggs, and topped with the best zesty hollandaise!
The next morning those fresh figs were bathing in syrupy pomegranate-molasses, that turned into the most delicious topping to homemade muesli with yogurt.

The muesli was accompanied by avocado toast, and warm chocolate croissants.

@brigitteshouse made my friends and I feel right at home, in her gorgeous, French Mediterranean house. Sooo vibey! I didn’t understand how, but each meal we were treated to seemingly topped the last. Ah! The osso buco, right down to the blackberry tart for dessert.

Have I mentioned that everything’s homemade? 😉 I mean, girl makes her own olives. I’m returning home feeling inspired!! Thank you SO much @brigetteshouse I will never
forget your beautiful family, loving hospitality, and some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten!

Instagram June 2016 @tash_ville United States

6 star dining at home. Brigitte takes hospitality to a whole new level of extravagance. Delicious fresh seasonal produce is lovingly turned into an exquisite banquet fit for a king.

Freshly baked homemade herb, olive & parmesan bread is accompanied by a selection of French cheeses, roast olives and dips for starters, followed by the mouth-watering main event. From whole roasted Salmon to succulent suckling pig, the main is always complimented by the freshest salads, delectable sauces and sumptuous sides. The meal is then finished off with her customary choice of two French desserts.

With an eye for detail, Brigitte’s flair for presentation is second to none. She will have you salivating from the first glimpse, and the whole meal is superbly tasty & satisfying to match. Everyone somehow manages to fit in seconds and looks forward to the next invitation.

Lisa Bell


We have had the pleasure of being invited to their home to enjoy their hospitality on different occasions. On arrival we were treated as honoured and cherished guests as they made us feel not only at home in their beautiful house but also as part of their family.

Their house and gardens are exquisite, a reflection on their taste and also the love they have put into their entire property resulting in a feeling of being somewhere in a chateaux in France.

The standard of their cuisine is of the highest quality and I can still remember a beautiful summer tomato tarte Brigette served a few of us girls for lunch about ten years ago, a fine testimony to her culinary skills, after all how many of us recall a meal we ate so long ago. Brigette and Dean set themselves very high standards which they invariably meet, so whether its decor, landscaping, or displaying hospitality, their innate good taste always shines through.



The many cherished times I have shared in Brigitte’s home evoke rich memories of fun times around a well-arranged table overflowing with goodies. Always beautifully presented, fabulous ambience – whether enjoying a formal Dinner of succulent Roast Turkey with all the trimmings or a casual evening in Courtyard with bubbles and platters of oysters and cheeses surrounded by pots of Lemon trees and soft lighting. One could easily be overwhelmed by the amazing Standard of food or the gorgeous home were it not for the generous and warm Hospitality of Brigitte and Dean! Many laughs and a very happy tummy! Thank you my friends.

Carla Baker



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