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I have never settled for mediocrity and I don’t do ‘boring’

Brigitte’s Decorating and Ambience

My aim with the Brigitte’s House brand is to pass on honest advice, inspiration and ideas so please allow me to inspire you as part of a transformational journey where I share my passion for interior and ambience design…

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Brigitte’s Gourmet Food and Living

I have always closely guarded the many recipes and strategies I have developed over years of trial and error and experience. This is the first time I have ever lifted the lid to reveal the secrets behind my cooking and…

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Brigitte’s Youthful Healthy Lifestyle

Life is amazing and if we can maintain good health why would you want the ride to stop? although we have to accept numerical aging as a reality we CAN fight to slow down the loss of your youthful looks, body, mind and…

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What Our Clients Say

“ Having travelled the world with my darling wife Narelle for our family business and pleasure, we can report that the, over 70 dinner party experiences have proved second to none. Think no further than Brigitte Hines when it comes to fine fresh food of exceptional quality and presentation. You may have to travel the world many times for many years to find an equal. It’s really not Brigitte’s fault, you see, it’s in her family genes. We feel qualified to state the above, as we too are very passionate about what we do. ”

Christian and Narelle Farmer


“ It’s always a moment of excitement and anticipation when we get an invitation to your place for dinner or one of your fabulous parties! From the very first moment, we are always made to feel like very special guests. Your home is always so welcoming, it’s like visiting a quaint little French restaurant in Paris! I love how you always have beautiful home made bread waiting for your guests , delightful little tidbits and always scrumptious meals. Bridgette you undoubtedly are the hostess with the mostest! Looking forward to our next yummy culinary adventure.”

Mario and Sharryn


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